Our aim at The Hill Cottage is to accommodate our guests in surroundings in which they feel comfortable and safe.  We are particularly concerned to be of help with guests who have any special needs.  Areas are well lit and delineated with dark paintwork around doorways to aid those who are partially sighted.  There are grab-rails in the showers and bathrooms for those who may need that extra reassurance in order to relax and remain independent.  We are happy to cater for special diets wherever possible and to keep medicines in the fridge if required.

The Hill Cottage, as the name suggests,  is constructed on  quite a slope and  there are six different levels within the house even though it is a two-storey property.  This gives rise to the occasional set of steps between levels, some of which are illustrated here.  Obviously, wheelchair access is, unfortunately, just not possible.  The stairs leading to the bedroom accommodation, which is all on the first floor, are carpeted but take the form of  a cottage spiral with strong oak bannister for support.

We point these things out in order that you can make your own informed judgement as to whether any of these aspects is likely to present  a problem for you.  Please do let us know, when booking, whether we can be of any special assistance and we will do our very best to make you feel ‘at home’.